Minggu, 26 Oktober 2014

honey ibuprofen face mask

honey ibuprofen face mask Dear #CeweQuat, already ahead of the feast of Eid ya, you guys must have been on nyiapin all right. Start new clothes, new shoes, cakes even facials. Well, here I will give you simple tips to take care of facial skin so soft, fresh and free from acne. That is by using honey.

Honey is known as a natural antibiotic that is fairly easy to find. Honey can be cleansing, smooth face and create a radiant face. If #CeweQuat have a problem with the skin such as acne, dry skin or sensitive skin it could not hurt to use honey as a mask.

Well, the benefits of honey would provide even more advantages, because it uses honey as a mask is a natural way that does not cause negative effects, than using cosmetics. Honey is safe to use even though its use is done on an ongoing basis. Honey mask contains antiseptic useful for killing germs or bacteria that attach to the face and cause acne.

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